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WARMACHINE / HORDES [ ID: 34760 ] - [ Hry / Ostatní hry ]
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WTC FOND: transparentní účet


10.2.2018 SLOVENIA MASTERS 2018

17.-18.2.2018 POLAND MASTERS


3.3.2018 PRAHA TURNAJ 1


17.-18.3.2018 PRIMAL ARC Iron Gauntlet Qualifier

31.3.2018 PRAHA TURNAJ 2



SIRKARMILIS   20:40:36 20.03.2018
REWELUS [ 19:50:48 20.03.2018 ]: dal ses na brouseni skla?
REWELUS   19:50:48 20.03.2018
Konečně jsem se k tomu dokopal to zkusit a ejhle. :6)

SIRKARMILIS   19:49:35 19.03.2018
NUMEROTRIX [ 18:10:35 19.03.2018 ]:
NUMEROTRIX   18:10:35 19.03.2018
SIRKARMILIS [ 11:46:19 18.03.2018 ]: Jsem v BoI s Marwem vedle sebe... náhoda?
JOZA   15:22:17 19.03.2018
MARCEL75 [ 15:20:31 19.03.2018 ]: aby priste prijeli zas a utratili tvrdou jizni menu...
MARCEL75   15:20:31 19.03.2018
HUNTER [ 10:01:52 19.03.2018 ]:  SIRKARMILIS [ 10:05:42 19.03.2018 ]: WOW... a proč jste je nechali vyhrát? :10) :21)
MANWECZ   14:03:48 19.03.2018
SIRKARMILIS [ 10:34:24 19.03.2018 ]:
SIRKARMILIS   10:34:24 19.03.2018
JOZA [ 10:30:19 19.03.2018 ]: je fakt, že u Tesinskysmok jsem zapomněl napsat PL
JOZA   10:30:19 19.03.2018
SIRKARMILIS [ 10:05:42 19.03.2018 ]: u tebe jeden nikdy nevi... myslis cech, napises uzbek... :)
SIRKARMILIS   10:05:42 19.03.2018
MARCEL75 [ 09:58:29 19.03.2018 ]: Slovinsko, jinak bych napsal SVK
HUNTER   10:01:52 19.03.2018
MARCEL75 [ 09:58:29 19.03.2018 ]: skutecne slovinsko
MARCEL75   09:58:29 19.03.2018
SIRKARMILIS [ 11:11:03 18.03.2018 ]: SLO - Slovinsko nebo SVK - Slovensko?
RH0X   08:51:22 19.03.2018
HUNTER [ 08:41:03 19.03.2018 ]: Takže ne v polovině května? Oh fuck :D
HUNTER   08:41:03 19.03.2018

PANOVE, za BO vsem moc diky, ze jste dorazili!

Diky vsem za vzorny pristup, minimum dropu (a kdyz uz, tak pochopitelnych) a peknou uroven sporotovnosti.

V kalendari si poznacte 26.–27. kveten – budou EU MASTERS! :)

Dikec <3

SIRKARMILIS   11:46:19 18.03.2018
Upravená tabulka Balls of Iron. Někteří už překročili 5 turnajů, takže mají započítáno jen 5 nejlepších.
SIRKARMILIS   11:11:03 18.03.2018

CAT 2018

Díky všem, co dorazili!

Konečné výsledky(pár změn oproti vyhlašovaným):

1) Team Envy(SLO)
2) Team Sloth(SLO)
3) Titelhamsterer(AUT)
4) Uzbeci z Hofylandu
5) Team Goschnbrecha(AUT)
6) Luďa Unleashed, Warcaster Unit
7) Pain, Fire and Pointed Ears(AUT)
8) #makehordesgreatagain(AUT)
9) Tesinskysmok
10) Hovada z Hor
11) Team Hun(HUN)
12) 17 Tot(AUT)
13) Nothing Butt Fun
14) JP&Bitches
15) Skvostné Jahody
16) Bez Ambicí

Do Balls to zapíšu ještě dneska. Na základě feedbacku jsem se rozhodl team turnaj koeficient snížit ze 3 na 2.
RH0X   09:43:11 18.03.2018
REWELUS [ 09:08:19 18.03.2018 ]: Skarre1 hard counter? :D
BR89Q   09:17:50 18.03.2018
REWELUS [ 09:08:19 18.03.2018 ]: na vymenu za co? vymenim za penize
REWELUS   09:08:19 18.03.2018
Ahoj, nema nekdo na vymenu Wolf raiderky?
KAINASUS   23:38:32 16.03.2018
Immunities Icon text

The new Immunity functionality remains the same as the beginning of this week, but the language has been updated to clarify that if a model has multiple immunities that trigger on a damage roll, the ARM bonus is only applied once.

Replace the sentence, “When a model suffers a damage roll with one or more damage types to which it is immune, roll one less dice on the damage roll.” with “When a model suffers a damage roll with one or more damage types to which it is immune, it gains +4 ARM when resolving that damage roll.”

Aurum Legate Lukas di Morray

Lukas' Juicer mechanic has been completely overhauled to provide a more dynamic risk / reward experience that better represents his use and abuse of the strange chemicals which empower him. An increase in damage boxes was included after review of this new mechanic. Additionally, Lukas no longer sets himself on fire from hitting things in his juice induced rage.

Cut Fixed Control Range.

Increase damage boxes to 18.

Change the text of Juicer to the following:

Juicer - At the start of each of your Control Phases, you can place up to three juice tokens on this model. For each juice token placed on this model this turn, this model gains +1 FOCUS for one round. At the end of each of this model's activations, it suffers 1 damage point for each Juice token on it. This model cannot spend focus points to reduce this damage. After suffering this damage, this model can remove d3 juice tokens.

Add the following to Exothermic Reaction: This model is not affected by Exothermic Reaction. This damage is not considered to have been caused by an attack.

Change the text of Overdose to the following:

Feat: Overdose
Gain one focus point for each juice token currently on di Morray.

Marshal General Baldwin Gearhart

As leader of the Crucible Guard military forces, we wanted to further reinforce Gearhart's strengths when bringing mass infantry to the table. With Solid Ground and Deflection, Gearhart protects and delivers Crucible Guard Infantry and Rocketmen potentially best in the Faction.

Gain Solid Ground:

Solid Ground 2 Self Ctrl – UP No
While in the spellcaster’s control range, friendly Faction models cannot become knocked down and do not suffer blast damage.

Captain Eira Mackay

Mackay and the Railless package has proven to be slightly too strong in terms of offensive output and assassination capability. The removal of Arcing Fire from her main weapon, the reduced RNG and AOE on the massive gun (same for the Railless Cannon), and the loss of Veteran Leader should put her in a better place for testing this weekend.

Cut Veteran Leader [Railless].

Alchemical Mortar loses Arcing Fire. Becomes RNG 14, AOE 3.


While True Sight proved to be interesting, a compelling suggestion made through CID was reviewed and is being introduced for further testing. Allowing the sole arc node of the Crucible Guard Faction to channel even while engaged is a powerful ability, even given the drawback that the arc node system can potentially burn itself out.

Cut True Sight.

Gain Experimental Arc Node - This models controller can channel spells through it even if it is engaged.


A small but important quality of life change, the Vulcan's Iron Bane ability now only effects enemy models.

Change the text of Iron Bane to the following:

Iron Bane - Affected enemy constructs without Immunity: Corrosion suffer Rust. A construct suffering Rust suffers –2 ARM.

Crucible Guard Infantry Officer & Standard

Crucible Guard Infantry have lost their Repo ability and previous mini-feat, and instead gained a new granted and mini-feat to help further differentiate their role from other infantry in the Faction. With the ability to now CRA into melee, as well as a mini-feat providing an additional shot per aiming model, this unit excels at picking off light and heavy infantry from afar (even once they are stuck in).

Replace Granted: Reposition with Granted: War-Tempered:

Granted: War-Tempered - While this model is in formation, models in its unit can make combined ranged attacks targeting models in melee. If a combined ranged attack made by models with War-Tempered misses a model in melee, participating attackers that would automatically miss the new target do not contribute to the attack and damage roll bonus but still forfeit their attacks.

Replace Whites of Their Eyes with Support Fire:

Support Fire - This model can use Support Fire once per game at any time during its unit’s activation. This activation, models in its unit gain Dual Shot. (If a model with Dual Shot uses its Normal Movement to aim, it can make one additional ranged attack this activation.)

Crucible Guard Storm Troopers

We have reduced the FA and the RNG of the Storm Troopers as testing has indicated they were a bit too powerful for their value.

Reduce RNG to 10.
Reduce FA to 2.

Crucible Guard Rocketmen

We feel the Rocketmen are performing as intended, but a small points adjustment was warranted given feedback and testing results.

Reduce cost to 9/15.

Dragon's Breath Rocket

Melee RNG 0 is bad.

Melee ranges added.

Railless Interceptor

As mentioned in the Mackay post, the power of the battle engine's main weapon has been slightly tweaked down.

Alchemical Cannon becomes RNG 14, AOE 3.

Crucible Guard Mechanik

Become FA 4.

Lady Aiyana & Master Holt

Aiyana & Holt were not only stepping on the toes of the Crucible Guard Infantry by proving magic weapons to other units, but their ability to stack even more damage increasing buffs in the Faction was proving to be problematic.

These models will not work for the Crucible Guard.
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