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Warhammer 40k - Let the Galaxy Burn! - republiková kampaň [ ID: 37483 ] - [ Hry / Ostatní hry ]
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Záměr této kampaně je dát hráčům možnost zasadit jakoukoliv odehranou 40k bitvu do kontextu širší 40k galaxie,
ovlivnit její vývoj a dodat tak každé jednotlivé hře na významu.

Do kampaně se může zapojit kdokoliv, klidně i jen jednorázově - žádné závazky.

Interaktivní Mapa
Report o původní Eye of Terror kampani

Included in the report should be the following:
- What kind of game was played (W40k, BFG, Epic etc.)
- Point count or other relevant game size indicator
- Amount of players, if it was larger than two
- Involved factions
- Which faction has won (gains control)
- Which faction has lost (loses control)
- Which warzone the winner wishes to influence

Aktivní globální efekt:

Přístup na drive je omezen.
Pro získání přístupu mě kontaktujte.

Díky zvýšenému utajení je bodový zisk
z první nahlášené výhry každého hráče navýšen o 50%
RATMAMAHATMA   17:08:34 13.01.2023

Kraken theatre / Coreward reaches / Straits of Halk

Necrons      5 -> 9,5
Unaligned    55 -> 50,5

RATMAMAHATMA   13:56:29 13.01.2023
SABATHIEL [ 14:22:40 12.01.2023 ]: Ok, něco s tím vymyslím :10) Díky ;)
SABATHIEL   14:22:40 12.01.2023
SABATHIEL [ 07:52:27 09.09.2022 ]:
1. letosni stret...
4x1000pt vsichni proti vsem
zvladly jsme jen dve kola bodove cca
ChSM Alpha Legion - 0
SM Raven Guard      - 15
Necron                      - 30
Tyranid                        - 15

RATMAMAHATMA   16:14:38 30.10.2022

BFG 1500 bodů / 2 hráči /

Kreel sector / Axion XM-67 system

High Eldar (win) 55 + 20 = 75 blockade
Chaos (unaligned) 45 - 20 = 25

Kreel sector
treshold effect High Eldar 19 + 5 = 24 Unaligned 27 - 5 = 22

Iron Heavens cluster
treshold effect High Eldar 27 + 5 = 32 Unaligned 6 - 5 = 1

Ikarus extended system
treshold effect High Eldar 70 + 5 = 75 Unaligned 10 - 5 = 5

Vaporo cluster
treshold effect High Eldar 8 + 5 = 13 Unaligned 51 - 5 = 46

Yovian system
treshold effect High Eldar 4 + 5 = 9 Unaligned 7 - 5 = 2

Gemini system
treshold effect High Eldar 70 + 5 = 75 Unaligned 30 - 5 = 25

Thanatos cluster
treshold effect High Eldar 75 + 5 = 80 Unaligned 10 - 5 = 5
RATMAMAHATMA   10:13:46 15.09.2022
Treshold effect

Lamarno system
Tyranids 85 + 5 = 90
Imperium 6 - 5 = 1
RATMAMAHATMA   09:58:12 15.09.2022
Kraken theatre / Trailing front / Lamarno VII planet / Enigma Protocol (vp+50%)

Tyranids 96 -> 111
Imperium 4 -> 0

1 Biomas consumed, status of Lamarno VII changed from Feral planet to a Baren dead world!


Eye of Terror theatre / Sentinel Worlds sector / Hydra Cordatus planet (Tomb world / Imperial xeno artefact waystation)

Chaos 0 -> 10
Necrons 65,9 -> 55,9
SABATHIEL   20:13:33 12.09.2022
RATMAMAHATMA [ 10:06:17 12.09.2022 ]: neco namatkou vyber, pas se tam budeme drzet v okoli :D...
RATMAMAHATMA   10:06:17 12.09.2022
SABATHIEL [ 07:52:27 09.09.2022 ]: Ještě by to chtělo vybrat lokace bitev. Myslím, že přístup na disk nemáš, ale rád ti jej zpřístupním, když mi napíšeš svůj gmail. Popř. pokud budeš chtít, něco namátkou vyberu za tebe.
RATMAMAHATMA   23:06:25 11.09.2022
SABATHIEL [ 07:52:27 09.09.2022 ]: Díky, zaznamenám hned jak budu mít chvilku - byl jsem teď mimo ;)
SABATHIEL   07:52:27 09.09.2022
W40k 9th (1500pt) 2x2players

Tyranid 45-0 Flesh Tearers


Alpha Legion 45-30? Necron

RATMAMAHATMA   15:56:42 20.05.2022

Perdus Rift wildspace / Torsion asteroid belt / Hard to Reach (KT vp*2), Low ground, hight orbital population (VP as if System), Outpost (VP*2)

Dark Eldar 16 -> 22
Orks 24 -> 18
MERCURION   14:08:35 20.05.2022
KILL TEAM (Voidscarred Corsairs vs. Kommandos)
Perdus Rift - Shannon's System - Torsion Asteroid Belt

Greenskins hidden in the Asteroid Belt preparing some cunnin' sneaky action to reclaim their hold on Shannon's Reach, found out that those Corsairs responsible for killing of their kin in recent times, made a stop on one of nearby asteroids. Greenskins did not hesitate and sent a Kommando to sabotage the Eldar ship. Although the Corsairs were on their backfoot at first, especially when their Way Seeker got killed right at the start by a Burna Boy, but once they started moving, they used their superior agility and firepower to push the orks back. Once again the Starstorm Duellist with her akimbo pistols came out with highest killcount.

Mission: Seize Ground
Voidscarred Corsairs (Dark Eldar), seek and destroy, 18VP, winner
Kommandos (Orks), infiltration, 11VP
RATMAMAHATMA   10:32:01 21.04.2022

Perdus Rift wildspace / Planet Shannon's Reach / Hard to Reach (KT vp*2)

Dark Eldar 26 -> 32
Orks 8 -> 2
MERCURION   22:54:14 19.04.2022
Kill Team, Shannon's Reach
Domination, Voidscarred Corsairs vs. Greenskin
- Voidscarred Corsairs (Dark Eldar), 18 VPs, winner
- Greenskin (Orks), 2 VPs

An eldar ship known as Void Vulture landed on Shannon's Reach after eons spent in outer space. Its corsair crew, half-dead from hunger, half-mad from long time isolation on the galaxy's edge, desperately needed to refresh their provisions. Once they entered the space port, the Void Vulture captain entered local cantina looking for other Aeldari to trade with. She encountered the remaining three Kabalite Warriors from previous bloodshed in the spaceport. After a while, they made a pact: Kabalites would give their remaining weapons and rations to the Corsairs in exchange for some pitiful plaything slaves to take with them to Commoragh.
As soon as the deal was made, the Void Vulture captain saw a couple of Grots moving a box of Shootas to their Ork overlords. Such pitiful creatures, she thought. And in that instance, she knew the target of her crew. All hands were gathered from the Void Vulture and attacked the local Greenskin workers. A brief skirmish occured, Corsairs quickly seizing ground and attacking clusters of Orks with their blast weapons. One well aimed shot from the Shredder managed to kill several Greenskin and severly injure three others. From there on, it was a one sided fight. Pack of Gretchin tried to swarm the Starstorm Duelist, but with her supreme aim and agility, she was able to shoot both pistols simuntaneously keeping pace with the green tide of those pesky little runts.
After the battle, the Corsairs took the remaining Gretchin as captives and exchanged them with the Kabalites for the promised weapons and rations. Finally, they can take the Blaster once they meet some well armored oponent.

RATMAMAHATMA   12:14:16 12.04.2022

Perdus Rift wildspace / Planet Shannon's Reach / Hard to Reach (KT vp*2)

Dark Eldar 8 -> 26
Tyranids 4 -> 16
Orks 14 -> 8
Unaligned 51 -> 27
MERCURION   23:28:10 09.04.2022
Multiple Kill Team operations occurred on Shannon's Reach planet in Perdus Rift.

A Rogue Trader ship descended from skies on this villanous planet. It seemed like the best place to make some shady deals happen, far away from the eyes of the Imperium or the T'au. The noble captain Cedrick had a squad of Scions as his personal army and even managed a deal with few Space Wolves to guard both him and his precious cargo. But those Astartes did not know a thing about Cedrick's true intentions or that he was recently proclaimed a xeno-loving heretic by the Imperium.
Space Wolves were tasked to guard Cedrick's ship and in the meantime, Cedrick took his Scions and his precious cargo to meet with his secret ally - the Farsight Enclaves - to unleash their vicious plan, for his cargo was an ancient technology beacon, something that should interfere with Ethereals influence on people's minds according to Cedrick's research. Farsight emissaries gladly accepted, paid Cedrick in some collected imperial credits and packed their newly acquired device to their Manta.
The ignorance of greed and maybe even the natural T'au naivity made everybody blind to the grim reality. The precious cargo, this ancient device, was in fact a Necron teleportation beacon. The Manta did not even managed to take-off.


As the Manta's engines started to power up, something drained their energy. Suddenly its cargo started to shiver and glow with menacing green light. Before the Farsight's warriors took a breath, several Necron Immortals teleported on the ship and started an absolute carnage. Few Fire Warriors in stealth suits managed to flee from the Manta and once they regroupped, they attacked back to reclaim their ship. Although their fight was quite close, the Necrons managed to rout them and secure the area around the teleporter.

On the way back to his ship, Cedrick found out, that were not guarding his ship as their were tasked and they were nowhere to be found. Because of that the local Dark Eldar took his crew hostage, hoping they would exchange them (ofcourse after a little pain-fun) for some Imperial access codes. Cedrick ordered his Scions to shoot them on the spot. Although the initial firefight were mostly in favour of the Scions, once the agile gladiatoresses from Commoragh caught their special weapon gunners in melee, it was over as there is no escape from the Wych's thighes once they lock them around your neck, even though you hold a plasma gun. However there was a great moment of heroism as one Scion with impressive mustache after absolutely failing with his grenade, redemeed himself as he held one wing of the battlefield all by himself, cleverly hiding from charging Wyches and carefully taking out Kabalites with his trusty hot-shot lasgun. Only thanks to him, the Scions managed to withdraw with at least some force and get Cedrick to safety.

Meanwhile a drop pod of Black Templars fell from the sky. They were looking for Cedrick for embezzlement of imperial property, xeno-heresy and even stealing from the Adeptus Mechanicus. As they tracked him, they found squad of Space Wolves drinking in local pub. Firstly an argument about incompetence quickly escalated into a brawl. After they took their fight out of the space port to settle the argument in proper combat. Space Wolves got beaten fair and square and the Black Templars followed tracks of Cedrick's Scions, while Space Wolves returned to his ship.


Once the Space Wolves came back to the space port, the only thing they found was a Drukhari party excited beyond control by the carnage from previous fight. Their sadism still not satiated as the Scions managed to escape, without questions the Wyches charged their new target. Space Wolves, still a bit drunk and out of form after getting beaten by the Black Templars, got quite surprised by the Eldar speed and ferocity, not even one was left standing in a matter of minutes. Poor Astartes were all brutally killed or skinned alive to be rearranged as fancy lamp shades.

Meanwhile the Necrons teleporting on the planet via the ancient device got ambushed by an unexpected foe. Local Genestealer Cults felt a disturbance in their hive connection and went looking for the source. They were lead by a skilled leader known as Tschwacht, who faced Necrons before and knew very well how to deal with them. His Neophytes managed to sabotage the ancient technology and deny the Necrons any reinforcements, then they hunted the living metal abominations to a last.

The Black Templars continued on their pursuit. They found the rest of the Scions and Cedrick hidden in abandonded facility near the space port patching their wounds. The Scions tried to take positions too hastily, forgetting they have time to shoot the Templars with their heavy guns before they charge them with chainswords, which appeared to be the road to their grave. Astartes closed distance quickly and chopped through the Scions like they were butter making their way to Cedrick. Once they captured him, the Scions left the battlefield and runned for their life.


The Drukhari were still not properly satiated as their taste for violence only grew with each drop of blood that hit their faces. Few Ork Commandos just chilling in the port thinking about some future cunnin' plans suddenly saw the carnage and rushed to take part in some fun.
"Oi, oi, oi, what goin' on 'ere?" shouted the Nob and turned on his Power Klaw. "Look, lads, pointy-eared gals 'ave some fancy teef, don't they? Let's git some!"
"I will pierce my nipple with your tusk, greenskin!" Smiled the Hekatrix viciously in sadistic ecstasy which seemed to never end.
The following fight was long and bloody indeed. Both sides had a lot of fun, being unnecessary brutal with dynamites, blasters and especially in melee. However, the Hekatrix failed terribly trying to kill two Orks at once as she grew cocky after previous two enemy groups and she got killed by a Dakka Boy's gun butt. In the end, only three Kabalites were left standing, human, astartes and ork blood splashes mixing on their purple armors. Only luck kept them alive this time and they, finally satiated, left the place of carnage in such peace of minds like they did not have in a long time.


The remaining Scions returned to the space port hoping they can finally leave the planet so hostile to them. However, they did not expect that right after the Black Templar a squad of Battle Sisters dropped to the planet to investigate Cedrick's shady deals. Once the nuns with guns recognized the red berets on Scion heads, they opened fire. Although this time the traitors, knowing they definetely fight for the rest of their lives, fought the most unflaggingly, the Sisters managed to corner them and with great casualties (and martyrdom) finally shackle them all. Poor Scions left the planet in the end, but only to pay for their sins against the Emperor as arco-flagellants.

After all this carnage a group of Eldar Corsairs tried to return some peace to their space port. They tracked the Genestealer Cults, but walked directly into their trap. Although they managed to incapacite their infamous leader Tschwacht thanks to their superior speed and plasma grenades, they were not able to withstand the swarming Neophytes crawling from ground and shooting them point blank with their shotguns and grenade launchers. The Cults took their revenge and wiped the Corsair group in few moments.


1) T'au (Unaligned) vs. Necrons (Necrons)
Escalating Hostilities
Necrons, 11 VPs, winner
T'au, 8 VPs

2) Commorites (Dark Eldar) vs. Astra Militarum (Unaligned)
Seize Ground
Commorites, 17 VPs, winner
Astra Militarum, 5 VPs

3) Space Wolves (Unaligned) vs. Black Templars (Imperium)
Space Wolves, 11 VPs, winner
Black Templars,  8 VPs

4) Commorites (Dark Eldar) vs. Space Wolves (Unaligned)
Seize Ground
Commorites, 18 VPs, winner
Space Wolves, 4 VPs

5) Necrons (Necrons) vs. Wyrmblood (Tyranids)
Escalating Hostilities
Wyrmblood, 18 VPs, winner
Necrons, 5 VPs

6) Black Templars (Imperium) vs. Astra Militarum (Unaligned)
Black Templars, 5 VPs, winner
Astra Militarum, 1 VPs

7) Commorites (Dark Eldar) vs. Commandos (Orks)
Drukhari, 11 VPs, winner
Commandos, 10 VPs

8) Eclesiarchy (Imperium) vs Astra Militarum (Unaligned)
Secure Archeotech
Eclesiarchy, 13 VPs, winner
Astra Militarum, 10 VPs

9) Voidscarred Corsairs (Unaligned) vs. Wyrmblood (Tyranids)
Wyrmblood, 13 VPs, winner
Voidscarred Corsairs, 6 VPs
RATMAMAHATMA   16:40:45 01.04.2022

Damocles Gulf / Gilded Worlds / Planet Doth/ Outpost (vp*2) / NEW Imperial contested

Imperium 39 -> 43
Unaligned 4 -> 0
UTHRED117   14:12:38 01.04.2022
KILL TEAM (Tomb World vs. Veteran Guardsman), Duel of Wits
Damocles Gulf / Gilded Worlds / Planet Doth

Captain Konarski was not in a good mood. But still, Sergeant Kryvonis had to give him his report. "Sir, the Sisters denied us the opportunity to destroy this forsaken planet and now the suspicions of the Mechanicus has come true. There are Necrons on this World and they are rising." The Captain stared at a map of Doth unmoving. "Where Sergeant?" The Sergeant pointed to three locations long thought to be just abandoned mines. "The Mechanicus in the area are not responding but we did get readings of peculiar energies. It seems the Tombs have not awakened fully and from aerial intelligence, we can gather the few Necrons that have activated are now scouring the surface for some lost artefacts. We don't have any information regarding these though." The Captain straightened and rested his hand on his Power Sword. "Only information we need to know Sergeant is, that the Necrons desire these artefacts and thus we have to deny them that. It seems the Sisters might have been more lucky than wise and there is still a chance to thwart this new threat. before it is too late. Dispatch a squad to take care of this Sergeant."

Sergeant Kryvonis took direct charge of this mission and took his squad of Veterans to investigate. But when they began to converge on the last know position of the Mechanicus expedition, gauss fire streaked from out of nowhere. That didn't phase the Sergeant though and he sent a trooper deep into the enemy lines to deny them the first of the Artifacts. The brave trooper secured it but was soon gunned down for his trouble. This shook the squad, but Kryvonis decided to lead by example and hurled himself and the Necrontyr slaying one. Again though, the emotionless machines gunned the Sergeant down in a hail of green light. The men of Krieg understood in that moment, that this would be their last mission and they set about fulfilling their orders for the Glory of the Emperor. They managed to down many of the Xenos monstrosities, but they inevitably got up to fight again, while the Krieg fell to a relentless onslaught of alien weaponry. But still, the Krieg hurled themselves at their objectives, especially the central one. Bodies were piling up on the central artefact but never did it fall into enemy hands.
In the end, only the Sniper and the Spotter survived, making sure, that the last of the Artifacts were sabotaged before they fell back to give their report. While the vile Necrons seemed to retrieve some of the Xenos technology, Spotter 103-0 had the feeling, that it was not enough for whatever nefarious purposes they needed it for.
While the Necron were thwarted, for now, it is just a matter of time, before they try and awaken their kin again.


Tomb World (Necron), 10 VP
Veteran Guardsman (Imperium), winner, 13 VP
DRAGOTHDRAGONLORD   09:26:07 24.03.2022
RATMAMAHATMA [ 19:32:55 23.03.2022 ]: podívám se na to
RATMAMAHATMA   19:32:55 23.03.2022
Na základě hlasitého volání z řad naší komunity (not true) jsem konečně vytvořil to, na co všichni netrpělivě čekáte (also not true).
A to strom pro osobní kampaně, využívající všech základních misí třetí edice! (...cvrkání cvrčků)

Na disku najdete verzi ve vyšší kvalitě.

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